New Surf Camps

We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful team of surf instructors and we would like you to meet them! Our entire team is tremendously talented and you will be in great hands with any one of them. Feel free to check out their profiles below and get to know them a little better before your surf lesson. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of us, anytime. We look forward to meeting you!

When did you first start surfing? I bought I beat up board, wet suit, and leash off of a photographer in ’06, in Wilmington, N.C. Caught my first few waves in the South, but life in the Marines Corps got in the way of any progress I might have had. Finally in “09, after I moved back up to New England a paddled out in Rhode Island and from that cold day on I have made surfing a huge focus of my life.

What do you love about surfing? Everything about it, I wish I could have started when I was little guy like a lot of the people around the beach, just so i could have loved it for longer.

Favorite Food? Pizza—OF COURSE

Accomplishments? I’m from Connecticut, a place with salt water and no waves, so i’m just happy that I had the opportunity to learn and the ability to teach the something I love, so that there is my greatest accomplishment.

What do you like about teaching? I love to see people of all ages from different places challenging themselves in a unfamiliar and sometimes unforgiving environment. It really makes me happy inside to see such a thing. Another like, is when it is 90 degrees out on a summer afternoon and we have a family out in the water with us having fun together, brings me a lot of joy to see something I feel is dying in our culture, family……Ohana!!!!!

Favorite Quote?–Well one off them! “Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is”

What can somebody expect when doing a lesson with you? My instruction is backed by passion for what I do. I give everything I have out in the water. Clear and precise instruction followed positive re-enforcement.

When did you start surfing? I was nine years old, my parents decided to sign me up for Ron Jon surf shop’s surf camp for a week. It didn’t take the week, just my first wave and I was hooked.

What do you love about surfing? There is no better way to spend time with friends than in the water. Surfing brings people together in a such a way that the rest of the world seems irrelevant. It is a time for good vibes; and the adrenaline rush of it all is just icing on the cake.

Favorite food? After surfing, just about anything that is edible, but sushi is up there on the list.

Accomplishments surfing and non? High ranked in ESA and NSSA as a teen. Women’s pro finalist and champion in several events (Ron Jon Easter Surf Fest, National Kidney Foundation, Florida WQS event) …its been awhile can’t remember. College Graduate; degree in Exercise Physiology. NCAA track and cross country athlete freshman to senior year.

What do you like about teaching? I love giving people the opportunity to experience the joy surfing gives me. I have always found it very refreshing to.

When did you first start surfing? My family always rented boards growing up and my brother and I would fight for waves but I didn’t get my own board until 5 years ago when I started at CofC. Took me some time not to be a total kook but it’s what I love.

What do you love about surfing? I love what effect it has on me. Sometimes it’s frustrating or scary but riding mama sea and feeling the stoke is so real. I love getting to be outside to enjoy it and the community that gathers around the sport.

Favorite food? Queso queso queso queso

Accomplishments? When I was six and our best family friend owned a surf shop in Mt Pleasant and I told him I wanted to go to CofC, work at a surf shop, live on Folly and surf everyday. So far so good. I also have a BA in Psych and Studio Arts.

What do you like about teaching? I love when someone is paddling back out to me grinning ear to ear and they popped up correctly, rode an awesome wave, and they know it. My favorite question to ask is didn’t that feel different and they answer YES! And I get to say that was because you were actually surfing!

Favorite Quote?-  “98% of surfing is paddling”

What can somebody expect when doing a lesson with you? I will try my best to make sure you get the individual attention and instructions you need to learn to surf. You can also expect a lot of energy too!

Surfing represents freedom and organic happiness in my life. I grew up surfing 5th block, Folly Beach as a kid and still remember being guided into my 1st wave by my Dad, a lifelong surfer and family man.  Now with 22 years surfing experience and 6 years teaching, I teach anyone willing to seek my expertise.  In the winter, I travel the globe every winter to places like: Asia, South America and Hawaii in search for waves, new experiences and cultural relations. I love teaching others to surf with custom personalized lessons, and I also hold a bi-monthly clinic where we specialize in overcoming self-doubt and anxiety thru yoga, surfing and relating to each other in a collective sense.  We are all one and someday soon I’d like to have the best time teaching, surfing, and laughing with you!

Hello my name is Cory Jackson and I am sixteen years old. I fell in love with surfing at age five when my father began pushing me into the waves. The following year my family moved to Oahu, Hawaii where we lived the dream for four years. Since I have moved back to Charleston I have traveled all around the world in search of perfect waves. My experience gained from my travels along with my experience in the competitive surfing world allow for me to be a top of the line surf instructor. I promise to use all of my skills and knowledge of the ocean in order to make your surfing experience the best that it can be.

Tommy “Tommy-Boy” Willingham. Bought my first surfboard in 2007, a 9 ft. Robert August, and have loved surfing since.  My favorite places to surf so far are Costa Rica and Guatemala, but I am down to travel anywhere that has a wave.  I am big into rock climbing, rafting; really anything that is adventurous.  I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Administration focused on Nonprofit Management from College of Charleston. I love to the smiles on people’s faces after they catch a really awesome wave.  It is the highlight of my day.  I love how surfing isn’t just a sport, but it is a lifestyle that promotes positivity and wellness.

“Josh is a really cool guy and a great coach. He’s not afraid to tell you how he really feels about your performance, whether good or bad. He pushes you to achieve greater things than you even thought possible. He does a really good job of preparing you mentally, making sure that you have the confidence needed to compete at a high level.” -Mikey Ciaramella