Book: Autistic Surf Clinic

This is a 3 day camp, running 1PM – 3:35PM from Mon – Wed.

As surfing is mainly a sensory focused activity, we are going to focus primarily on this aspect of ASD. We live in an era where daily exercise and stimulating activities can go unexplored for days. The idea of this camp is not to just throw your child into a surf camp for three days, but to encourage a change of pace in their day to day life and open some doors to encourage them to continue to seek healthy stimuli.

The camp will have a structured three day advancement intended to involve not only the child into a new element of activity, but the parent as well. Some fun and perhaps new technics will be thrown into the mix to help each child and parent along in a positive and skill building way.

Day One: Outlining Strengths,

Day Two: Persistence,

Day Three: YOU Did It!

Each day’s lesson will include not only surfing, but also the chance to empower each child by giving them new tools to use the rest of their lives. So sign up to find out just what lies around the corner for you and your child.